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Universities in Jammu and Kashmir

Updated on: Apr 23, 2013

Universities are the institutions from where life begins. By the time pupil completes secondary level of education, they normally completes their teens, this is the stage from where most constitutions of the world recognize human children as citizens and not merely kids or teens under parents’ care.

By this time pupils allowed to get a driving license and become eligible to vote. Also this is the stage from where pupils chose their career field to serve different sections of society. So university education becomes a mix of activities with a complete change in lifestyle.

Our team at National Network of Education (NNE) has collected brief details of the universities in Jammu & Kashmir. For more details about these unique institutes of learning please click below on the name of your choice. Universities in Jammu and Kashmir impart education in a wide range of job-oriented and conventional programs.

Universities in Jammu and Kashmir provide higher education in the field of management, medicine, computer application, engineering and regional studies. Students from all over the country opt for National Institute of Technology - Srinagar which imparts courses in engineering and management.

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